Recogido de fiesta fácil

Recogido de fiesta fácil.

Aquí os dejo el vídeo de un recogido de fiesta fácil paso a paso para que os sea más fácil:

Aquí os enseño un recogido de fiesta fácil y rápido :

Recogeremos la parte de arriba para que no nos moleste.

Cogeremos una coleta con los dos mechones de los laterales y la tiraremos hacia el lateral para que no nos moleste.
Cogeremos una coleta con todo el cabello de abajo.
Abriremos el cabello y pasaremos toda la coleta por dentro.
Iremos enrollando mechones de la coleta y los sujetaremos con horquillas.
Con la coleta del medio haremos un moño plano.
Cardaremos todo el cabello de la partición de arriba.
Lo sujetamos con horquillas alrededor del moño que hemos hecho abajo.
Cogeremos las tenacillas y daremos forma a las puntas que nos han quedado sueltas.
Y  por último colocaremos la puntas donde más nos gusten con horquillas.

 Resultado final.


¿Qué os parece este recogido?

Os animo a que dejéis vuestro comentario. 

193 Respuestas


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    You’re so right Eileen! I find that my total presence and interaction with them and them ALONE is their most valued reinforcer. This is why I feel so bad that I’m not able to have more one on one time with each dog, because I know how much they need it. Interesting how this dynamic plays out in human famlies as well.

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    I’ve made Kombucha before, using a bottle of GT Spirulina Kombucha as my culture starter. They’ve since processed their drink because kids were trying to get drunk on it. It no longer seems to have much live culture in it. Now that trick no longer works and I have no easy source for the culture. I’m going to ask the obvious question. What are good sources for the culture?Ciao – MPS – Thanks very much for you page. It’s inspirational.


    jyli feel bad that the parents were so worried that they felt like they had to do it. in general, i don’t really care if people hate my child for crying b/c i was on flights with crying babies before i had kids and had to deal with it and it’s really not that big a deal. however, i have bought drinks for the people in my row on the 2 occasions my 9-month-old tried to climb on the person next to me and then got mad when i wouldn’t let her.


    I thought I was the only weird-headed person! I ended up with a bruised forehead the last time I raced in my Giro Ionos, so I went out the next day and bought a Specialized S-works helmet (in a smaller size!) and it is actually comfy, even after I really crank down the dial. I hear some brands (Giro) are round and others are oval – keep trying!


    Vergiss bloss nicht, die Lüftung abzustellen. Habe nämlich gestern eine grosse Scheibe Gorgonzola gekauft. :D@ Grain de SelBacke ja schon seit längerem mit Urdinkel und bin mit den Ergebnissen immer sehr zufrieden. Kamut finde ich auch ganz nett, an Emmer und Einkorn taste ich mich gerade erst heran. Und wenn ich deine Brote so ansehe, komme ich wohl nicht länger um einen Sauerteig herum. *soifz* 😉


    Finally! After Black Market Beagles, after the shiny Serenity shirts and buttons and posters, and after the wonderfulness that was the Backup Bash, and after the Du’a Khalil effort – I can finally do a little something for you. Let the social media machine begin to work. Go get ‘em Lexigeek! And when you get there, tell ‘em we all sent you!


    Sean: I definitely have a favourite soup to cook for all four seasons :) Working on holiday right now! Thanks for your comment!Jennifurla: Thank you!Sweet Faery: Thanks so much for your comment :)AlaskaSmiles: Thank you, hope you enjoy it.Viviane: Thank you!Jacqui: I can't say enough about the pumpkinseed cheese. It's so simple but turns out so tasty!Sue: Thanks for your alway-sweet comments!Coco: Hope you like it :)

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    Jajajaj gracias Antonio!!Importante darse cuenta que la familia de Valentina ve reflejada su personalidad y obra en este corto video!! Fue un placer poder grabarla con tanta comodidad y honestidad

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    Betsy, you are one cool zenmamma ~ I love learning more about who you are and why is it no surprise to me that you are such a lover of books and games involving imagination. Now I’m off to take a look at some of your nominees ~ the ones I already know are pretty brilliant so no doubt are those who are new to me.How could it be otherwise with you as the intermediary?Ellexoxo[]


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    Yes, the scenary in front of us is scary… heartbreaking, when we wonder what a wretched, what a terrible world we are leaving for our children. Yet we are left with faith, at watching signals here and there indicating that we have some extraordinary warriors fighting for us all, Charles Martel, Jan Sobieski are inspiring heroes like Geert Wilders and many many others less known or still unknown. We have lost our Oriana Fallaci but we have a Sultan Knish, her soul mate, for one .. I think of how happy she would be at reading you, Sultan, our beloved Sultan …!


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    Não sei a quem este site pertence, mas quem quer que seja, parabéns! Cada palavra que li, me tocou profundamente…Acho que se mais pessoas criassem ou postassem textos como os que estão nesta web page, alguns tantos poderiam enxergar que, nós propomos realizações para nós mesmo… Nós somos a vida!Parabéns mais uma vez…Mônica


    C’est simplement parce qu’il n’y a pas de circonflexe sur le mot « tache » au sens « marque salissante ». Et que même les pubs pour lessive commencent à faire la faute. Et que ça m’énerve.Mais je suis contente que quelqu’un ait vu mon délire pseudo-caché. :)


    Tem pra mais de um mês que Ti tá me pedindo pra fazer guaca. Aí a gente deixou os abacates terminando de madurar no forno. Resultado: esquecemos e apodreceram todos, ohohoohohohoohh… Mas acho que até rola de fazer no feriadinho, hein, vc deu uma boa idéia…




    Joel, your love for your work shows through in the enthusiasm and quality of the blog! Congratulations on 2 years and on the awesome transformation you’ve made with it. There’s a lot of valuable information just in this one post … there are areas here that I did not even realize were on your blog and now I want to explore them! It’s impressive that you have been able to close the door on the corporate world and step into the world of doing what you love.


    Can you believe I stumbled on your blog sometime last week and today finished reading all of the entries!! I really enjoyed them (kinda addicted!!), though I should admit I cudn't understand some of the groaners! Am hoping to improve as I keep readin them on your blog. But where art thou?! Vacation? This time to Japan?? -Deepa


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    I am pleased too, but have long been ignoring the lashes in adverts for mascaras! I much take the word of bloggers anyday over any claims of adverts! This is probably after all the hassle they received after her having hair extensions or something to make her hair look voluminous and healthy for that shampoo ad!


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    Guillermex4-21-2008 nop.. pero serí­a interesante ver tu versión essoterica con encuesta y todo para preguntar a tus fans féminas que les atrae mas para copular: Se me ocurre que podrí­as empezar con la siguente lista-un emo-un metalero-un glam-un grunge-un reggatonero-un punkeroetc..etc… Y veamos que sorpresas nos traesYo apuesto mi décimo tercer sueldo a que ninguna mujer con sus ovarios bien puestos elige al emo como su modelo de macho para copular… a no ser que sea otro emo el que te responda

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    Jayme and Genevieve – Awww love the picture of Silas sans tooth and Eisley hiding in the entertainment center, well I just love them all. Wish we could just make time stand still for a few years.


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    – Betsy, you are the sweetest. I so appreciate your kind words and your help with Cans for Comments. And the beautiful way you share your thoughts and heart through writing. You have a gift for words and a gift for imagery. It has been so wonderful to watch you grow into your own talent! Thank you, thank you.


    Great review. I have narrowed my selection to the Sony RX100 or the FZ200. I realize one is a compact pocket camera with a 1" sensor while the FZ200 is a super zoom. However, I am looking solely for Auto mode for now and wondering which of the two cameras you would go with and an all in one go anywhere camera?


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    nama band.The Publicity Crew.ahaks..yg plg best drummer 2 (msuk bakul angkat sendiri).ahaks3..great shoots r bro.ko mmg cambest n ade talent aku nti leh r hire ko.ngeh3…


    I’ll follow the crowd and go with #1 as the lie — probably ’cause you it wasn’t one each, but spread differently.I think I did a one week camp as in #3, but I can’t imagine making it two weeks — that may be the most impressive thing I’ve heard from you!I will say regarding #2 that I think you would’ve really appreciated Boston Rob in the All-Star season of Survivor.


    For me, environmental, health and humanistic concerns don’t disappear with local slaughter. Meat, when when cooked contains several carcinogenic chemicals, not to mention saturated fats and increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I would add vegetarianism to a natural, ethical, and healthful approach to raising children IMHO

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    Great pictures!! I think he was the most boring child I’ve ever seen with a cake on hisnfirst birthday…sigh. Good thing Haley was there to liven it up by helping herself to some cake, lol.

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    Leah, you are such an inspiration. I never stop being impressed with who you are, your strength, your honesty and your pure spirit. I'm so humbled to know you and to have the opportunity in life to love you.


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